Daryl is arguably the greatest living magic teacher. We have several of his downloads available that we weren't supplied demos for. I've been digging around the web and finding performance videos of some of these fantastic tricks. Make no mistake, everything Daryl teaches is a worker, many of them full magic routines that are literally reputation-makers.

Daryl's FISM award winning Ambitious Card Routine is the holy grail of ambitious routines, The card comes to the top again and again with a finale that has to be seen to be believed. He teaches the entire routine and even tips the mind-blowing ending illusion in his Ambitious Card DVD, a downloadable item we finally have a demo for!

If you're at all serious about card magic, or if you're wondering what is the one routine I should learn to really impress people and make myself look like not only a magician but an actual card shark... DO NOT PASS THIS UP. It's a must and worth several times the asking price.