The Cups and Balls Master Course by Daryl


Magician Daryl Martinez
Some people are so darn famous you can refer to them by their first name and everyone knows who it is. Entertainers like Cher, Mariah, Michael and of course Daryl come to mind. Daryl Easton, Daryl Martinez or D. Money as he's referred to on the streets has went by many names but magicians all around the world recognize him as simply Daryl, the Magician's Magician. He's earned his title as one of the most prolific and well-known teachers of magic. If you've ever seen him lecture you know you've seen the best and you probably walked away with several real-world routines and tricks that you actually USE in your act.

Recently Daryl released a 3 volume set of DVDs, a Master course on the Cups and Balls. We're proud to announce that all 3 volumes are now available as downloads at Download Magic. 

Downloadable DVD Volumes in 3 Languages
English, Spanish or Japanese!

As would be expected of Daryl, these downloadable volumes are some of the finest and most comprehensive instructional material ever produced on the subject of Cups and Balls. Not only that, they're available in English, Spanish or Japanese. Daryl has covered all the bases to make sure that you don't miss a subtlety or nuance in this outstanding collection of moves, sleights and routines.

There simply is no better teacher to learn this classic of magic from and the Cups and Balls is the type of trick that will serve you for a lifetime. Beyond that, it's a lesson in misdirection, naturalness and most importantly being entertaining in your presentation, something that Daryl has truly mastered. Don't miss this chance to learn from the best!


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Dai Vernon Streaming is Sort of Wild


Think about this.  Magician Dai Vernon was born in 1894, about 120 years ago. He managed to live long enough to make it to VHS and his legacy continued on to DVD, which we should all be thankful for because his Revelations series is a treasure, a joy to watch through and through. You feel like your really met the master, spent time with him and learned not only his (still) flawless sleight of hand magic tricks but got a feel for what he was like as a person. For those of us who never had the chance to meet Mr Vernon, this series is an absolute must. There are few in magic as revered as Dai Vernon and only one referred to as the Father of modern Close-Up Magic.

Now the DVDs have made it to streaming video, instant delivery online by download. It's amazing when you think about it. It's been a long time since Dai Vernon began perfecting his art, and the techniques still hold up today. More than that, you will find some AWESOME tricks and routines in these volumes. His card to inner jacket pocket comes to mind as one of the most perfect magic tricks with a card possible.

There are 8 volumes in all but we must warn you... Once you see one you will want to download them all. Hosted by Michael Ammar and Gary Oulett, these volumes are not just recommended, in our opinion they are required viewing if you love the art of magic.  Happy downloading!

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What is a Thick Card Used For?


A thick card is one of the most useful and most overlooked gimmicks in card magic. Those who know how to use it, produce miracles with it.  Miracles that will even fool other magicians!

The Thick Card Project featuring Liam Montier is the latest work from Big Blind Media and the perfect introduction to thick card work.  It's available to stream and download now.  Here's the demo:

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Awesome Self-Working Card Tricks from Big Blind Media


Awesome Self-Working Card Tricks is the latest release from Big Blind Media and it may be their best yet, check it out:

It's available for download NOW!  Hop on over to the sales page to add this new magic download to your library:
Big Blind Media Presents Awesome Self Working Card Tricks
Big Blind Media Presents Awesome Self Working Card Tricks

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Juan Tamariz Lessons in Magic Volumes 1-3


This month only we're offering the complete set of Lessons in Magic featuring Juan Tamariz for one low price.  For the price of just one DVD you can download all 3 volumes instantly!

Juan Tamariz is considered by many to be the greatest card man alive.  Don't miss this chance to add this amazing video series to your library!  SHOP NOW

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