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Stars of Magic Volumes
Early in my involvement in magic I was lucky enough to know someone who gifted me with a VHS library, a box full of magic videos. Among these was the Stars of Magic series, a BLOCKBUSTER set of videos featuring guys like Paul Harris, David Roth and Frank Garcia. True legends of magic.

This series and the performers in it were a HUGE inspiration to me with several routines becoming staples in my repertoire. I literally watched these videos until the tapes wore out. They’ve recently been made available as downloads and I’m thrilled to be able to offer you a FANTASTIC deal on the entire set, this weekend only.

>>   Stars of Magic Collection Volumes 1-9

We’re only authorized to offer this deal for about the next 48 hours, until the end of this month. On September 1st this deal will be history.

If you’ve never seen these videos I sincerely encourage you to take advantage of this offer.  I’m giving them my highest personal recommendation, I guarantee you won't regret it.

All the best!

Steve Fearson
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Site Updates - How Magic Happens


I've made some major changes to the checkout process on Downloadmagic.com

Instead of the 3 to 5 steps we're down to a single page asking only for your name and billing address.

Step 2 is paypal where you can use any credit card, no paypal address is required. People are still sometimes confused by this or more exactly, turned off by paypal and don't realize they can pay without logging in.  But you can.  Unless Paypal decides to force a signup which apparently does happen.  Rarely, but it does.  If you ever find yourself on their page and can't locate the link or option to pay using a credit card without a paypal account, please let us know!

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Visit the All New Download Magic!


As I write this we're putting the finishing touches on the new Download Magic website at Downloadmagic.com We have over 1400 magic tricks available for download in the form of streaming DVDs, video downloads, Magic Ebooks and even Magic Audiobooks. You might say we have more magic downloads than you can shake a wand at! If you haven't seen us lately, you should see us now. Visit the All New Download Magic

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