Learn the Magic of Slydini from Award Winning Magician Rocco Silano!


Tony Slydini is a legend among magicians, one of the best there ever was. Who better to learn some of Slydini's favorite tricks from than an actual student of Slydini?

Rocco was a Slydini student, arguably one of the very best. Not only has he traveled the world performing his incredibly original and unique act featuring some of the most challenging and graceful sleight of hand, he's also a FISM award winner and one of magic's greatest teachers.

In this "Learning Experience" video, Rocco teaches several classic Slydini techniques including the Revolve Vanish and the Imp Pass. This a video every serioius student of magic must see. Download it today!

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Daryl's FISM Award Winning Ambitious Card Routine - Full Performance!


Daryl is arguably the greatest living magic teacher. We have several of his downloads available that we weren't supplied demos for. I've been digging around the web and finding performance videos of some of these fantastic tricks. Make no mistake, everything Daryl teaches is a worker, many of them full magic routines that are literally reputation-makers.

Daryl's FISM award winning Ambitious Card Routine is the holy grail of ambitious routines, The card comes to the top again and again with a finale that has to be seen to be believed. He teaches the entire routine and even tips the mind-blowing ending illusion in his Ambitious Card DVD, a downloadable item we finally have a demo for!

If you're at all serious about card magic, or if you're wondering what is the one routine I should learn to really impress people and make myself look like not only a magician but an actual card shark... DO NOT PASS THIS UP. It's a must and worth several times the asking price.

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Dean Dill, Johnny Carson's Magic Teacher


Dean Dill is known for his magic creations, including the famous Dean's Box and a plethora of devastating close up routines with an emphasis on coin tricks. Many magicians will remember him from his appearance on the Tonight Show and his marvelous technical skill. Not as many know though that he was actually Johnny Carson's magic teacher during the 1980's.

Many others have fond memories of hanging out at his barber shop, Dean's Shoppe in Glendale. Not as many know that one of Dean's first customers was the man often referred to as the father of close-up magic, Dai Vernon.

Dean Dill led a remarkable life and was one of the greatest contributors to our art, honing his skills and sharing generously at every turn. He's left behind a real legacy of wonderful magic for future generations to enjoy and build upon. Dean's routines are flawless, thoughtful and often startlingly visual. If you're not familiar with his work you really need to check it out. It's truly exceptional.

Here are a couple routines to give you an idea what we're talking about... BUT DON'T PRESS THE BUY BUTTON UNTIL YOU READ THE REST OF THIS POST.

Until the end of October, Dean Dill's 3 Volume Set, The 3-Dean Trilogy is on sale. If you act now you can get all THREE volumes for one LOW PRICE... Just $24.95

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The Cups and Balls Master Course by Daryl


Magician Daryl Martinez
Some people are so darn famous you can refer to them by their first name and everyone knows who it is. Entertainers like Cher, Mariah, Michael and of course Daryl come to mind. Daryl Easton, Daryl Martinez or D. Money as he's referred to on the streets has went by many names but magicians all around the world recognize him as simply Daryl, the Magician's Magician. He's earned his title as one of the most prolific and well-known teachers of magic. If you've ever seen him lecture you know you've seen the best and you probably walked away with several real-world routines and tricks that you actually USE in your act.

Recently Daryl released a 3 volume set of DVDs, a Master course on the Cups and Balls. We're proud to announce that all 3 volumes are now available as downloads at Download Magic. 

Downloadable DVD Volumes in 3 Languages
English, Spanish or Japanese!

As would be expected of Daryl, these downloadable volumes are some of the finest and most comprehensive instructional material ever produced on the subject of Cups and Balls. Not only that, they're available in English, Spanish or Japanese. Daryl has covered all the bases to make sure that you don't miss a subtlety or nuance in this outstanding collection of moves, sleights and routines.

There simply is no better teacher to learn this classic of magic from and the Cups and Balls is the type of trick that will serve you for a lifetime. Beyond that, it's a lesson in misdirection, naturalness and most importantly being entertaining in your presentation, something that Daryl has truly mastered. Don't miss this chance to learn from the best!


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Dai Vernon Streaming is Sort of Wild


Think about this.  Magician Dai Vernon was born in 1894, about 120 years ago. He managed to live long enough to make it to VHS and his legacy continued on to DVD, which we should all be thankful for because his Revelations series is a treasure, a joy to watch through and through. You feel like your really met the master, spent time with him and learned not only his (still) flawless sleight of hand magic tricks but got a feel for what he was like as a person. For those of us who never had the chance to meet Mr Vernon, this series is an absolute must. There are few in magic as revered as Dai Vernon and only one referred to as the Father of modern Close-Up Magic.

Now the DVDs have made it to streaming video, instant delivery online by download. It's amazing when you think about it. It's been a long time since Dai Vernon began perfecting his art, and the techniques still hold up today. More than that, you will find some AWESOME tricks and routines in these volumes. His card to inner jacket pocket comes to mind as one of the most perfect magic tricks with a card possible.

There are 8 volumes in all but we must warn you... Once you see one you will want to download them all. Hosted by Michael Ammar and Gary Oulett, these volumes are not just recommended, in our opinion they are required viewing if you love the art of magic.  Happy downloading!

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What is a Thick Card Used For?


A thick card is one of the most useful and most overlooked gimmicks in card magic. Those who know how to use it, produce miracles with it.  Miracles that will even fool other magicians!

The Thick Card Project featuring Liam Montier is the latest work from Big Blind Media and the perfect introduction to thick card work.  It's available to stream and download now.  Here's the demo:

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Awesome Self-Working Card Tricks from Big Blind Media


Awesome Self-Working Card Tricks is the latest release from Big Blind Media and it may be their best yet, check it out:

It's available for download NOW!  Hop on over to the sales page to add this new magic download to your library:
Big Blind Media Presents Awesome Self Working Card Tricks
Big Blind Media Presents Awesome Self Working Card Tricks

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Juan Tamariz Lessons in Magic Volumes 1-3


This month only we're offering the complete set of Lessons in Magic featuring Juan Tamariz for one low price.  For the price of just one DVD you can download all 3 volumes instantly!

Juan Tamariz is considered by many to be the greatest card man alive.  Don't miss this chance to add this amazing video series to your library!  SHOP NOW

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Special Offer - Get the Complete Stars of Magic for One Low Price!


Stars of Magic Volumes
Early in my involvement in magic I was lucky enough to know someone who gifted me with a VHS library, a box full of magic videos. Among these was the Stars of Magic series, a BLOCKBUSTER set of videos featuring guys like Paul Harris, David Roth and Frank Garcia. True legends of magic.

This series and the performers in it were a HUGE inspiration to me with several routines becoming staples in my repertoire. I literally watched these videos until the tapes wore out. They’ve recently been made available as downloads and I’m thrilled to be able to offer you a FANTASTIC deal on the entire set, this weekend only.

>>   Stars of Magic Collection Volumes 1-9

We’re only authorized to offer this deal for about the next 48 hours, until the end of this month. On September 1st this deal will be history.

If you’ve never seen these videos I sincerely encourage you to take advantage of this offer.  I’m giving them my highest personal recommendation, I guarantee you won't regret it.

All the best!

Steve Fearson
Download Magic

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Site Updates - How Magic Happens


I've made some major changes to the checkout process on Downloadmagic.com

Instead of the 3 to 5 steps we're down to a single page asking only for your name and billing address.

Step 2 is paypal where you can use any credit card, no paypal address is required. People are still sometimes confused by this or more exactly, turned off by paypal and don't realize they can pay without logging in.  But you can.  Unless Paypal decides to force a signup which apparently does happen.  Rarely, but it does.  If you ever find yourself on their page and can't locate the link or option to pay using a credit card without a paypal account, please let us know!

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Visit the All New Download Magic!


As I write this we're putting the finishing touches on the new Download Magic website at Downloadmagic.com We have over 1400 magic tricks available for download in the form of streaming DVDs, video downloads, Magic Ebooks and even Magic Audiobooks. You might say we have more magic downloads than you can shake a wand at! If you haven't seen us lately, you should see us now. Visit the All New Download Magic

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New Magic and Mentalism!


I make it a point not to post here unless there's something important going on in magic. And today there is!

I've launched a brand new magic website with a focus on mentalism. It's called eMagic Supply and we've been adding a new effect from a new magician just about every week since it launched a few weeks ago. I'm working with some great performers like Tim David, Paul Vigil, Luke Jermay, Aaron DeLong and David Bui.

This week we introduced Paul Vigil's ICON, an eMagic exclusive. Next week I'm introducing a new magical artist, Dustin Baker. He's got a great mental effect called Stop the Presses that's sure to amaze and astound. It's impromptu mentalism which is what we do best at eMagicSupply.com

The site has actually been running for almost 3 months and we've introduced more new magic and mentalism than any site out there.. bar NONE! I'm also proud to say that our customer service ROCKS! Our girl Janet really knows how to please. In the event that you have trouble with a download or just have a question about a new trick or routine, just drop us a line and she'll respond so fast it's freaky.

I've even moved a few of the effects from DownloadMagic.com over to the new site. Download Magic will continue to operate of course, but will carry only the Steve Fearson products it's known for. All new releases will appear on eMagic Supply.

If you're a mentalism buff, this new site is a must see.

Check it out when you get a chance!

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Do You Sell Magic Tricks?


Do you sell magic tricks online?

You may be able to buy advertising space on Download Magic.

Online since 2000, Download Magic sell only downloadable magic tricks, card tricks and levitation illusion plans. We receive several thousand hits per day. Our traffic consists of magicians and magic hobbyists who come to learn magic trcks by download. A related magic site would benefit the most from the type of traffic we get at Download Magic.

If this is something that interests you, contact us at Download Magic.

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Magic Tricks on Ellen


Mentalist Gerard Senehi performed some amazing mentalism and magic tricks on the Ellen Degeneres show today.

One of the magic tricks he performed was Steve Fearson's Original Floating Cigarette Routine!

Of course the floating cigarette has been performed on television countless times by dozens of magicians around the world. I think the last time it was on tv before this was in the magic special "T.H.E.M. - Totally Hidden Extreme Magic." A guy named De la Vega performed it that time. Just a couple years before that, David Blaine did the trick on one of his television specials. It wasn't Street Magic, it was one of the other ones. He floated a leaf for some natives in the jungle though instead of levitating a ciagrette.

You can levitate any small object with the trick, just visit the following link to see a demo video:

Magic Tricks - Levitating Cigarette

If you only learn one magic trick, make it this one. You don't have to know any other magic tricks or sleight of hand to learn to do this trick either. I'm not saying it's easy, it will take a bit of practice but it will be well worth it. You will not need any other magic tricks besides this.

Good Luck!

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The best place to start learning magic tricks.. for free!


If you are a beginner and have no idea what doing magic is about, you should start by checking out a few magic books from your local library. Almost every library has a performing arts section with magic books. You can learn to do magic tricks for free this way. It is the best place to start.

Now that's a secret most magic dealers won't tell you!

Actually, the internet has made learning magic tricks and becoming a magician easier than ever before. There are some great sites that will teach you a lot of magic for free. Probably one of the best places to learn free magic tricks, including card tricks, coin tricks, rope tricks, the whole kit n kaboodle is Allmagic.com

You don't need to spend a penny at that site and there's an endless suppy of magic tricks just waiting to be learned by YOU!

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All About Magic Tricks


Whether you want to be the new Criss Angel or David Blaine, you're going to need to learn a lot of magic tricks.

Your success as a magician really depends a lot on the type of magic tricks and illusions you decide to do.

Sleight of hand magic is fun to practice and card magic tricks are popular with everyone.

You can download tons of great magic tricks online and you'll soon be on your way to becoming a professional magician like the great Houdini.

Good luck with your magic!

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No Tricks, just Magic

A lot of people like to say they were the first magic blogger, but there is only one and that of course is me.

And yes I am proud. All magic tricks aside now.. I am the original magic blogger.

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The First Magic Blogger


The first post

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