I make it a point not to post here unless there's something important going on in magic. And today there is!

I've launched a brand new magic website with a focus on mentalism. It's called eMagic Supply and we've been adding a new effect from a new magician just about every week since it launched a few weeks ago. I'm working with some great performers like Tim David, Paul Vigil, Luke Jermay, Aaron DeLong and David Bui.

This week we introduced Paul Vigil's ICON, an eMagic exclusive. Next week I'm introducing a new magical artist, Dustin Baker. He's got a great mental effect called Stop the Presses that's sure to amaze and astound. It's impromptu mentalism which is what we do best at eMagicSupply.com

The site has actually been running for almost 3 months and we've introduced more new magic and mentalism than any site out there.. bar NONE! I'm also proud to say that our customer service ROCKS! Our girl Janet really knows how to please. In the event that you have trouble with a download or just have a question about a new trick or routine, just drop us a line and she'll respond so fast it's freaky.

I've even moved a few of the effects from DownloadMagic.com over to the new site. Download Magic will continue to operate of course, but will carry only the Steve Fearson products it's known for. All new releases will appear on eMagic Supply.

If you're a mentalism buff, this new site is a must see.

Check it out when you get a chance!